Turnkey Project

The most common procedure for the construction of Works involves the appointment of a Consulting Engineer who, acting for the Owner, undertakes a preliminary investigation, designs the Works, arranges for a contract to construct the Works, provides services during construction and for acceptance of Works, ensures commissioning of systems and certifies completion. Quite separately, a Contractor undertakes construction of the Works in accordance with a construction contract.

An alternative to this procedure is a Turnkey Project, in which a Contractor undertakes all things necessary for the design and construction of Works, from inception to completion, ready for the use of the Owner.

Proponents of the conventional procedure refer to savings in costs or time or both, to the adaptability of conventional procedure to suit different needs, and to the advantages of independent professional services committed to the interest of the Owner. These independent services concern design suitability, cost planning and control, optimization of life-cycle costs, forms of contract tailored to the project, appropriate services during construction, quality control, and thorough acceptance and commissioning procedures.

Advocates of Turnkey procedures for a particular project may claim potential advantages such as savings in costs or time or both, access to proprietary systems not otherwise available, special expertise for construction methods, simpler contractual arrangements, and allocation of entire responsibility to the Contractor

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