MF Series Centrifugal Pump

● Thickness design for the pump casing to assure the pump to bear the pressure of the 2 times more than itself head.

● Using the high grade M/S to assure no leakage under the high pressure

● The adoption design of that inlet bigger than outlet to assure reach highest head

● For boosting the hot water of this kind pump are also available on request

● Through cut

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Product Description

1. Be used to delivery the clean water without the abrasive particles

2. Be used to clean or cool the machine tools with high pressure

3. Be used to pump the water for the industrial or house use from the well

4. Be used to boost the water in pressurization system

5. The high flow centrifugal pump is widely used for cold/hot water circulating and pressure boosting in many fields (chemical industry, petrochemical industry, military industry, pharmaceutical industry, nuclear power industry, ship building industry, textile industry, etc.) and systems (HVAC, firefighting system, urban water supply and drainage system, irrigation system for gardens, water boosting system in high-rise buildings, etc.). From this point of view, it is also known as firefighting pump, irrigation pump or water circulation pump.


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