HNR. Horn

  • A combination of 12 and 24 VDC in one appliance providing the capability to use a single appliance for different installation requirements
  • A universal, common base for retrofit jobs, limited space environments and pre-existing wire configurations. It comes complete with a Contact Cover for protection against dirt, dust, paint and damage to the contacts. The Contact Cover also acts as a shunting device to allow pre-wire testing for common wiring issues.
  • 80% reduction in SKUs – Up to 9 models now in 1 appliance (3 audible settings)
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Product Description

  • Up to 48% savings in current draw over similar products, with the latest horn/strobe products you can install more appliances per a given circuit
  • Easier to install – Save up to 14% cost of installation
  • 5 Mounting Options – 1 gang, 2 gang, 4” sq., 3.5 octal, 4” octal box
  • Voltage test points for quick troubleshooting and easy spot checking
  • 1/16” deep mounting error relief Pre-wire capability to check for wiring & ground faults prior to appliance installation
  • Contact cover not only provides protection from dirt, dust, paint and accidental damage, it allows for pre-wire testing and troubleshooting